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Lucy Shea
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23 Aug 2011

One Year of Swishing

One Year of Swishing

Can I only Swish for a year?

Since Futerra created Swishing in 2007, I’ve said a thousand times that Swishing will replace fast, disposable fashion. Is that really possible? It’s time I put my money where my mouth is. Swishing is a global phenomenon, and I’m going to work out if it’s a way to live.

From today, I’m not buying any clothes, shoes, hats, bags or jewellery - for 12 months. No new killer heels for my friend Wooz’s wedding in 4 weeks, no shopping spree for Futerra’s 10th birthday party. Those will be the easy bits. Harder will be holidays, winter coming on, or if my body shape changes.   I love shiny new things, so it’s very intimidating, but also kind of exciting. I know I will meet some brilliant women at all the swishing parties I’ll go to. I’ll save some cash. I might even learn something about me (such as how much I really spend on clothes).

Giving up conspicuous consumption of fashion might not sound like the biggest sacrifice. But that’s the point, it shouldn’t be a sacrifice at all if Swishing lives up to its promise.

I’ll be tweeting my progress @SwishingLucy and blogging the highs and lows of no new clothes.

I need your help. Thousands of women now swish, and I need tips, suggestions, resources and many many more swishing parties! Next week i’m in NYC, ladies can we put a Swish on?

Wish me luck.

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