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Lucy Shea
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17 Feb 2011

Stars of Swishing

Stars of Swishing

On a cold, damp night in November six years ago, Futerra held the first ever Swishing party in a dingy office in London Bridge. Despite no one understanding the idea, hundreds of women turned up – luckily with sacks full of clothes. We spun our new aspirational concept to the max, but in truth it was more like a glorified jumble sale. Then the fashion pack came to our Groucho Club party, incredible press followed, and Swishing’s ecofabulousness started to shine.

The Swishing craze took off thanks to the hard partying of thousands of women (and the occasional man). We’ve reworked our wardrobes, had fabulous fun and saved a whole lot of clothes from the rubbish bins. So in this first blog I want to say a big thank you for partying on, and profile a just a few of Swishing’s star parties.

Biggest Swish

One of the first commercial swapping parties, and still the biggest, was VISA Swap. 4,500 items were swapped in store and 2,000 items donated to TRAID. All with the slightly incongruous help of Lindsay Lohan.

Most Fashionable Swish

Global Cool threw a Swish at London Fashion Week in February 2009. LFW ramps up demand for the ethical fashion every year with its glorious Estethica, co curated by From Somewhere and the British Fashion Council.

Mums n Babies Swish 

I just love how Swishing has been adopted and adapted by different groups of women. Babies grow out of clothes soon, so why not Swish em.!/event.php?eid=113744268695878

Shoes Swish

The name says it all. We held a Shoes only party in 2009 with the Shoreditch Women’s Institute. More fun than you could shake a stiletto at.

Swishing entrepreneurs

Many have made Swishing their business, including our friends at Swap-A-Rama, MySwish and the BIGSwish. We salute you.

Twitter Swish

My trend prediction for 2011 is that the Swishing craze will take off over Twitter. We’re starting a Twishing party this Saturday with the V&A. Check it out here

WAG Swish

When Louise Redknapp hosted Swishes in Manchester and Liverpool for a drinks brand    

UAE Swish

My personal favourite is the first ever Swish in the UAE. “Guests really enjoyed the evening and went home armed with new outfits that didn’t even cost them a dirham!” says organizer Georgie of Heels & Deals. Read it about here and watch on youtube.

I’d love to hear about your Swishing favourites, so keep in touch on twitter or facebook. Swish on ladies.

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