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Lucy Shea
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07 Feb 2012

Swishing Week 15-21 February

Swishing Week 15-21 February

I’m heading home to dust off my Manolos that never fitted, and to find the pile of trousers that I won’t fit into again... because Swishing Week is fast approaching. 

Swishing was created for fashion lovers, by the fashion lovers at Futerra. It’s now a global clothes swapping movement. 
The first ever worldwide Swishing Week will launch on February 15. We will celebrate one of the world’s fastest-growing ethical fashion movements. How? By throwing more Swishing parties, of course.
Anyone can swish. Just this week I've heard from women in Mexico, London and Sao Paulo. It turns out that even the most hard bitten shopper loves the thrill of finding new clothes, without the environmental guilt tag.
If you haven’t yet tried a party, find one on our events page, on twitter, facebook or Mumsnet.
If you’d like to throw a party, you’ll find tips on this site too. 
And if it all goes well, we might just do it twice a year.

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