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Lucy Shea
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18 Feb 2011



I used to have real hangups about social media. But then I met my boyfriend online, and realised that perhaps there was nothing to be scared of. So when my fellow Swishettes at Futerra, @LucyWarin and @JenKatan, suggested our first Swishing party on Twitter, I thought why not?

Join us online tomorrow, Saturday 19 Feb, as we launch the world’s first Twishing party!

Twitter + Swishing = Twishing.

The Twishing party will kick off London Fashion Week, with live links to the the V&A Fashioning Body Shape & Style Grand Swishing Event. For those of you not on Facebook, here’s how you join in.

- Twish your garments from your twitter feed using photos of your items, the #twishing hashtag, & your #location

- Listen! And check out items up for grabs from #twishing

- You can do direct swaps or just Swish freely. As with any other Swish, trust in Swishing Karma- bring fabulous items and you will certainly get something treasured back in return...

Our Example twishing tweet:

Size 12 purple Marc Jacobs dress from #manchester! #twishing [link to photo here]

Once you have found a match- you can lovingly pack up your once loved item and post it off to its new home, safe in the knowledge that you have brought one lucky lady and one grateful planet a lot of joy. *Be careful to only exchange address details in personal emails or via DM and not publically through twitter*

The main Swish will happen online between 12.00 and 20.00 but who knows, we could go on for weeks. We really hope it works. And it will if all you beautiful Twishettes join in. This time it’s free clothes without even leaving your home.

I can’t promise you a new partner though, there are other sites for that.

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