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Clothing Exchange

20 Jul 2019 01:00

Venue: North Vancouver


12:30 – 1:00 pm pm | Check In and Clothing Contribution Drop Off

2– 3 pm | Clothing Swap Event

This Clothing swap event is free of cost. This is a great opportunity to make space and clear out your closets. Please bring your quality, gently worn items to swap with others!

All ages, eras, sizes, and types of items will be accepted, and must be clean, in good condition. Accepted items include:
* Women’s, men’s, and/or children’s clothing
* Costumes
* Shoes
* Accessories
* Jewelry
* Craft Supplies
* Linens
* Adult and Children’s Books
* Small Housewares (no furniture please)

Let’s make this swap awesome!
We have a few simple guidelines to keep the event running smoothly:

☆ Attendees are invited to bring at least five to ten of thier good quality items.

☆ Your contributions will then be sorted and added to everyone’s contributions for an opportunity to select of new to you items.

☆ at 2 pm you are free to to look through the clothing and pick items that you would like.

☆ No fighting for items. It’s first come first serve, there will be plenty to choose from.

☆ This is an all ages event.

☆ Please bring your own reusable bag to take your new items home.

☆ Leave your own personal items (water bottles, purses, jackets) close and safe where they will not be mistaken for swappable items.

☆ Mingle with friends, and connect with other clothing swap participants, while checking out all the selection of items to be swapped. You are welcome to help yourself to a selection of what you like best.

☆ Afterwards we will be donating the leftover items to two local thrift shops

Clothing swaps contribute to sharing resources in an enviro-friendly way. Please help spread the word, the more the merrier and more selection to choose from.

Let’s work together to create yet another great community building event.

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