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Swish in the City

26 May 2012 12:00

Venue: Grosvenor Gloucester Road Casino

Back to the Fuschia is collaborating with the Grosvenor Gloucester Road Casino in SW7 to bring 'Swish in the City' to the heart of Kensington & Chelsea.

This event is a Fashion Swapping event combining a Fashionista's love of
Style with her conscience to be Eco-Friendly. Back to the Fuschia has been hosting 'Swish in the City' for over a year and it has become a great success among Fashion lovers in London.

The "Art of Swishing" is a Fun, Frugal and Eco-Fabulous alternative to
Shopping, it is the 'Future for Fashion'.

Swish in the City offers a fantastic afternoon to rejuvinate your wardrobe and add the sparkle it may have lost! Bring along fashions you no longer love, or need as part of your life anymore, and swap
them for some key pieces to revamp your collection.

Enjoy Swishing whilst Socialising with some great ladies in a fantastic environment....a perfect Saturday afternoon!

How the Swish works:

Bring along between 3-8 fashions to swish (Clothes, Shoes and Bags only)

Sign in at the reception, where your fashions will be collected,
graded and points will be awarded for you to spend in the Swish
(the points system is based on the brand of the item, ie. High Street, Designer, Vintage, etc)

Viewing Time will be for an hour for you to see what is available in the swish, what takes your fancy and what you can get with the points you have been awarded. During the Viewing time no items can be taken, just viewed, until the Swish opens

When the Swish is announced open, you can begin taking the fashions you would like to claim as your own.

NEED TO KNOW Times and Dates:

Drop Off:
Friday 25th May, 7pm-9pm and
Saturday 26th May, 9am-11am

Viewing Time: 12pm-1pm
Swish Time: 1pm-5pm

Likes and Dislikes:

We LIKE: Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Sunglasses, Belts, Scarfs and Hats (NO
plain t-shirts, NO plain long sleeve tops, NO plain vests)

We ACCEPT: Clean, Good Condition Fashions, Ironed, On hangers (if
possible), All styles/prints/trends.

We DON'T LIKE: Lingerie, Swimwear, Sportswear and Jewellery

We DON'T ACCEPT: Bobbly Clothes, Buttons Missing, Ripped items, In
need of repair, Attachments missing, ie. laces/brooches, etc.

Anything left Unswished will be donated to the local Marie Curie charity shop and 100% of the proceeds from the Swish will go to the
Marie Curie Cancer Care charity.

£5 in Advance to be paid online:

OR £7.50 on the day.

A 'Swishette Saver Ticket' is also available if you have a party of 4 attending and can be purchased for £16 in Advance, by phone or at the venue.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Nina Tukaj at the Grosvenor Gloucester Road Casino at:
sm_gc-london-gloucester@rank.com or call 0207 341 0193 if you want more information or have any questions.

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