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Swish in the City

11 Aug 2012 14:00

Venue: Wessex House

Back to the Fuschia has relocated our Swish in the City event from Crystal Palace to Clapham, making us accessible for so many more ladies. And more ladies means more fashions to Swish with! Our previous events have seen some fantastic brands and styles from High street to Designer and Vintage.
Our event will offer an afternoon of Fashion, Pampering, Sweet Treats and more,perfect for all you ladies to enjoy.

Bring along between 3-8 fashions to swish (Clothes, Shoes, Bags and Accessories)

Sign in at the reception, where your fashions will be collected, graded and points will be awarded for you to spend in the Swish (the points system is based on the brand of the item, ie. High Street, Designer, Vintage, etc)

Viewing Time will be for half an hour for you to see what is available in the swish, what takes your fancy and what you can get with the points you have been awarded. During the Viewing time no items can be taken, just viewed, until the Swish opens.

When the Swish is announced open, you can begin taking the fashions you would like to claim as your own

NEED TO KNOW Times and Dates:

Viewing Time: 2pm-2.30pm
Swish Time: 2.30pm-6pm

Likes and Dislikes:

We LIKE: Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Sunglasses, Belts, Scarfs and Hats (NO plain t-shirts, NO plain long sleeve tops, NO plain vests)
We ACCEPT: Clean, Good Condition Fashions, Ironed, On hangers (if possible), All styles/prints/trends.

We DON'T LIKE: Lingerie, Swimwear, Sportswear and Jewellery
We DON'T ACCEPT: Bobbly Clothes, Buttons Missing, Ripped items, In need of repair, Attachments missing, ie. laces/brooches, etc.

At this event we accept all brands from Economy and Supermarkets brands such as Primark and George to Designer and Vintage brands also.

Bonus Features:

We will have a number of businesses at Swish in the City offering a variety of Products and Services that can be indulged in, from Beauty Treatments to Cupcakes and so much more.

Take advantage of all the things us ladies love all under one roof for the afternoon and treat yourself to some of the fantastic treats available.

A variety of Designer and Brand New items will be up for Auction, these can be bid on and won at a fraction of the RRP value during the Swish in the City event.

We will be hosting a Raffle throughout the event with some great prizes up for grabs, you've got to be in it to win it remember.

Our Swish in the City event supports the Womens Aid charity raising money and awareness for the great work they do, helping women and families affected by domestic violence.

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