About Swishing

You Swish

Wherever there are women, there are Swishing parties, from the U.S. to China, South Africa to Brazil.

Join the global phenomenon and spread Swishing beyond its UK beginnings to fashionistas across the globe.

Check our events calendar for parties close to you, or throw your own.

Running a Swishing party is simple, just follow the Rules of the Rail:
1) Everyone must bring at least one item of quality clothing.
2) You will have half an hour to browse before the swish opens.
3) No item may be claimed before the swish opens.
4) As soon as the swish is declared open, everyone may take what they want.
5) Remember no scratching, spitting or fighting.

You can also join us on Facebook to ask other Swishettes about their experiences and get tips for throwing your own Swish.